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Dave 257x300 Meet The Band

When 3d6 was first started by Jimmy and Anthony, Dave was brought on to design the logo, and to record some guitar solos for the first album. Now he is the band’s lead singer and guitar player! Dave’s formally-trained artistic skills have produced all artwork for 3d6, including everything from album art and animated music videos to t-shirts and flyers.


Anthony 237x300 Meet The Band

A co-founder of 3d6, Anthony started as the band’s drummer, but now plays bass and sings backup vocals. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in music, and has been classically trained since age 3. Like any of us would, he uses his musical background to help create punk rock songs about poop. Anthony has been playing bass for almost 20 years, and has played in various jazz, funk, rock, and metal bands.


Rudy 198x300 Meet The Band

Rudy is not only the band’s drummer, but also Dave’s older brother. Rudy has been performing all over Las Vegas for over two decades in various bands, such as The Tinglerz, Helltown Harlots and Spork. His extensive experience provides 3d6 with a solid foundation for rocking many faces. He joined the band a few months after the release of Damage, and spends most of his time at work or with his family.

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